If Dr. Dre is a Billionaire then what does that Make Will.I.am???!!!

I’m sure you have heard the news by now of Apple in the final stages of purchasing  Beats By Dre from Dr. Dre. which would make  Dr. dre  the first “Rap” Billionaire ahead of Puff and Jay. But with all this excitement about Dre no one has mentioned Will.I.am. or Jimmy Iovine in all of this.  No one has mentioned that Will.I.am is the creator and founder of Beats Electronics or that Beats by Dre was the sole brainchild of Will.I.am and Will.I.am alone.  Will.I.am was the original person who went to Jimmy Iovine and told him they needed to expand into hardware, which then led to the world thinking we all needed 300$ Beats By Dre headphones. Will.I.am has never been absent from the company, and in fact is the founding shareholder of Beats Electronics. And assuming that he is still a shareholder we can assume Hip Hop is going to have two Billionaires!! Yet there has been no official word from Jimmy or Will as to what they are receiving out of this massive deal, as the two have been very mums about the whole thing. Which could either lead one to assume someone blew it or Will.I.am is the Wizard behind Jimmy and Dr. Dre. and is flying very low under the radar…..for now. Anyway to hear more about the deal you  can head on over to  the good folks at www.Hiphopdx.com who have some more insight on the subject. Check it out here