My Top 10 Joe Rogan Podcasts

If you’ve never heard his podcast before, you should hop on it!!  Rogan is a self-proclaimed layman who can really hang in a discussion with very intriguing experts across many fields.  Through his many different passions, adventures, and successes he has a voice that resonates with a large audience.  He is a very inspiring and eloquent speaker.  To me he represents the common ground on matters of the world: he keeps an open mind to any theory, while wanting to pursue them with hard facts and solid logic.    Here are my 10 favorite podcasts (off the top of my head in no particular order) that got me hooked.

1. JRE #142 – GRAHAM HANCOCK, DUNCAN TRUSSELL – Graham Hancock has written a few books researching alternative versions of human history, who’s concepts have JUST recently been accepted by mainstream science.  The conversation covers a wide array of topics including the historical evidence of such, and the role psychedelics have played in our history, and our present.  One of the most intriguing and thought provoking episodes, in my opinion.

2. JRE #472 – SHANE SMITH – Shane Smith is co-founder and CEO of the media company VICE which is  known for its dark, hard hitting, truth revealing stories.  It’s interesting to hear Shane’s take on what’s going on in the world, given that he has a unique perspective on things.

3. Anything With Aubrey Marcus – Who doesn’t like to hear about a grown man traveling the world and tripping on psychedelics?  Seriously though, Aubrey has been to the corners of the amazon jungle taking part in shamanistic healing ceremonies with a variety of natural plant concoctions.  These ceremonies have been a part of different cultures for thousands of years, and with the recent rise of psychedelic awareness, it’s great to hear about his many adventures into the human mind, body, and spirit.  Inevitably, this sparks what I think is an important conversation about humanity, human consciousness (or lack thereof), and how we operate on a universal level.  Definitely worth while.

4. Anything With Duncan Trussell – Duncan, being a comedian is fucking hilarious.  He’s also enlightened in many ways, so his rants have that rare combination of hilarity that makes you go “hmmmm.”  Being able to share his perspectives on every topic is what makes him so entertaining to listen to.

5. JRE #464 – ROBERT GREENE, AUBREY MARCUS – Robert Greene is an author and speaker who’s books underline concepts of power, strategy, art and seduction.  His conversations with Joe are very enlightening.

6. JRE #434 – ROSEANNE BARR – Roseanne is considered by some to be a little bit nutty in her conspiracy theories, but this is a GREAT podcast to get familiar with both sides of some of those thoughts. Joe provides solid logic to some of her claims while she points out many of life’s “what the fucks.”

7. JRE #414 – CHRIS HADFIELD – Commander Chris Hadfield spent a ton of time on the ISS circling earth. Who wouldn’t want to hear what it’s like in space, what it’s like to launch on different shuttles, and how being in space impacts life back on earth?  This is one of my favorites.

8. JRE #456 – EVERLAST – One of the founding members of House of Pain has a plethora of stories and insights into his world of the music industry and life.

9. JRE #320 – TIM FERRISS – Tim Ferriss is an expert on efficiency, and has written 3 bestsellers about it: The Four-Hour Workweek, The Four-Hour Body, and The Four-Hour Chef.  I’m big into unlocking everyone’s inner potential, and Tim’s modern day “life hacking” perspective on wealth and flexibility shatters main stream values.  Plus they talk about Modafinil…

10. JRE #310 – NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON – Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist celebrity.  Not too many of those… This is because his ideas, philosophies, and passions resonate with so many people.  They cover a wide array of topics and to hear these guys wax philosophy (and conspiracy theories) is pretty awesome!

I want to note that these are just off the top of my head, and there are MANY MANY MANY more podcasts that are awesome – most of them with scientists, stand up comics and MMA fighters/coaches.  While these were all stimulating and entertaining, for me, they PERSONALLY didn’t resonate as much as these other ones up there.  What are your favorites?