Wu-Tang Clan – Ron O’Neal


Last night, all nine surviving members of the Wu-Tang Clan were on The Daily Show, where they all sat for a group interview and debuted “Ron O’Neal,” the first single from their much-awaited new album A Better Tomorrow. But it’s not real until it’s on Soundcloud, and so now it’s real. The studio version of “Ron O’Neal” is great, and it has Ghostface saying that he used to see people sniff coke out of krazy straws. How is that even possible? Your breath intake would have to be so strong! The track has Wu-Tang getting in on the au courant “name a song after a random ’70s icon” trend (in this case, the star of blaxploitation classic Super Fly), and it’s got an elegnatly horn-drunk beat and at an on-fire RZA verse. It’s good! Peep it below. 

Ghostface is the man and really love the live feel in this record. SALUTE! What do you think? Leave a comment below.