Sorry Non-Celiac Gluten-Free People

A recent study shows that a non-celiac gluten insensitivity may not exist. Peter Gibson is the scientist who in 2011 published the original report documenting peoples’ gluten intolerances, but like any good scientist, recognized the need for more studies and tests. Read the full article in realclearscience.com but to sum it up, they conclude that short chain carbohydrates, or FODMAPS are more likely to be the cause. These are common FODMAPS. They are really hard for our systems to digest and cause a lot of our common discomforts. (Totally worth it!!!)
The interesting twist is that most FODMAP foods are removed when partaking in a gluten free diet, so at least it’s not a complete placebo effect.
The recent surge in gluten free products is obviously a money driven marketing scheme driven by profits and lacking any sense of importance to scientific study. But what else is new. Just like the scientists performing these studies, we must all keep an open mind and realize that much for research is needed.