A Snippet of Kanye West’s Song “Black Bruce Wayne”

A snippet of a previously never before heard Kanye West track has surfaced today. Entitled “Black Bruce Wayne,” the clip clocks in at just 32 seconds and, as a few SoundCloud commenters have already pointed out, bears a striking resemblance production-wise to Kanye’s 2007 release “Flashing Lights.” No official word yet on if this is something set to be included on the album Mr. West has been cooking up or simply something that slipped through the cracks of his vault, but as soon as we know more we’ll get you updated. For now, enjoy a little bit of new/unreleased Kanye below. 

UPDATE: The song has been removed from SoundCloud. Fake Shore Drive’s Ty Howard suggests that “‘Black Bruce Wayne’ is actually an L.E.P. and Kanye collaboration from a few years ago.”

Listen to the snippet Here!!!!