Andy Stott – Faith in Strangers

UK sound-sculptor Andy Stott has unveiled the title track from his upcoming album, Faith in Strangers. If you were ever curious about the sounds you’d hear if you were to ever drift off into some sort of opiate-induced dreamworld while wandering around in the middle of space, this is just that. Though Andy Stott’s music usually veers towards the abrasive and pummeling, this one toys with a more accessible sort of gauzy, Burial-esque melancholy and melody. It’s a good turn for his body of work to take, though. Stott has made a career off making electronic music that doesn’t fall into any of the usual tired EDM, IDM and blog-sanctioned paradigms, and from the sound of things he will be continuing to do just that with his forthcoming LP. Stott’s fourth album, Faith in Strangers, will be out November 18 on Modern Love. Peep it below. 

Everything I hear coming from the UK has been awesome and Andy Stott’s track is no different. Great track and a great vibe!! Keep it up!