Aston Matthews-Lit

Southern California’s Aston Matthews has become adept at merging pro wrestling imagery and influences with street rap, so it makes sense his new track is the sonic equivalent of a Stone Cold stunner. Introduced by the barks of ex-WWE commentator Jim Ross, Matthews crafts a gang-banging, drug-slanging narrative that’s all blood-soaked fury and devoid of any of his area’s G-Funk heritage. This is the sound of street-sweeping and malice, not party scenes and club-hopping. If the likes of Mustard and YG can represent the party-friendly, fun-filled side of west coast hip-hop, Aston Matthews can conquer its bullet-ridden, war-torn side. Stream “Lit” above.

Def. Dig this dudes vibe. We support West Coast Artist! What do u think? Leave a comment below.