Blended Babies featuring Asher Roth & Buddy – Sayin’ Whatever

Production team Blended Babies once again unites with Asher Roth for a new track entitled “Sayin’ Whatever,” featuring Buddy. Like on previous efforts, the chemistry between Asher Roth and Blended Babies is evident, and by now we’re sure Roth and Blended Babies know how to mix their creative abilities together seamlessly. Roth just seems to flow so well on Blended Babies beats. This is billed as a new single from Blended Babies, and comes during a year that has matched them with the likes of ZZ Ward and King Chip. You can listen to “Sayin’ Whatever” below. 


Blended Babies our some what our distant relatives so we have to support them! Especially when they are bring the rare Asher Roth hip hop vibes! Salute!