Diggin In The Carts

The wonderful folks at Red Bull Academy put together this incredible documentary on the roots of video game music and the impact these tracks have had on popular music and culture. Enjoy this masterful six episode saga replete with hidden levels and custom mixes from the featured producers. Everything from the cinematography to the presentation is A+ and for me it was hard to watch as I was constantly starting a new music project of chip tunes or sampling game music, or going down the endless web hole researching these cats further online. Its OK to get emotional when you hear the Hip Tanaka remix of the end song for Super Mario Brothers in dedication to Hiroshi Yamauchi last year. Enjoy and get inspired.

Ready to nerd out on your own chip tunes? Check out these free Ableton Packs from 8 Bit Bandit and AfroDJMac. Wanna just go straight to watching Just Blaze recount the glory of Shinobi as a youth whilst wearing an uncomfortably odd scarf/shirt combo? Maybe you just wanna download the OG Zelda soundtrack and get weird? If there’s one thing you should learn from this documentary its to leap bold into the future, limitations be damned.