DOOM & Bishop Nehru – “Om”

Masked underground-rap fixture DOOM recently teamed up with the young New York rapper Bishop Nehru to record the new collaborative album NehruvianDOOM, and first single “Darkness (HBU)” featured Nehru rapping over an old DOOM beat. It seemed possible, after hearing that, that DOOM’s actual involvement in the album would be minimal. But “Om,” the latest track that the duo has shared, at least hints that DOOM will be on it more. The track features a rapped hook from DOOM, though Nehru still does all the verses, and it’s cluttered and circusy beat is the sort of oblique weirdness that DOOM helped bring into the rap underground in the first place. Peep it below. 

Real Hiphop!! Thank you DOOM!!! What do you think? Leave a comment below.