Game of Thrones’ Hodor Announces ‘Rave of Thrones’ DJ Tour

The name Kristian Nairn doesn’t ring a bell? If you are followig HBO’s fantasy drama Game Of Thrones, then you should know the Nairn as simple-minded Stark stableboy Hodor. The Northern Irish actor has now announced a DJ tour of Australia, fittingly titled ‘Rave of Thrones.’ According to the itinerary, the trek will take Hodor to clubs in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin and Adelaide, throughout August. Besides very special GOT visuals and “a range of surprise guests,” Nairn is expected to deliver EDM trends in favour of “chunky, deep, dark” house music. He will be backed up by the Australian artist Ego, who is set to project visuals to accompany each set, and promoters have promised “a range of surprise guests and garnishings.”


If I lived in the Australian territory I would definitely be in attendance! What do you think? Leave a comment below.