Jeezy – Beautiful (Feat. The Game & Rick Ross)

Atlanta’s formerly-young Jeezy has built up a durable 10-year catalog mostly by rapping about the triumphs and stresses of the drug trade over tense, gothic, monolithic production. But on “Beautiful,” a song from his forthcoming album Seen It All, he goes a different direction, rapping about getting used to the idea that you’re living well, all over smooth, soul-sampling production. Most rappers do stuff like that all the time, but it feels like a departure for Jeezy. The song’s two guests, the Game and Rick Ross, both hit a nice stride on their verses. (When I heard an early version of the song at a listening session last month, I mistook the Game for YG, which maybe says some things about YG that I’m not ready to admit. It was, in my defense, so loud in the room that it was hard to think.) Between this song, “Me OK,” and the Jay Z collab “Seen It All,” Jeezy’s album looks to be in good shape. Peep it below. 

Jeezy came with grown sound and I F*#ks wit it!! What do you think? leave a comment below.