Kaskade To Create His Own Music Platform

Kaskade recently removed all of his music from sound cloud after consistently violating the terms of service.  The problem wasn’t his own music, but posting mashups of other peoples’ copyright music.  He admits to be legally wrong, but has this to say about it:

“Here’s the thing. I’m not in the right here.
I’m definitely, without question, black-and-white in the wrong.”

“That’s not to say I am wrong, though.”

“There’s always been this cagey group of old men
who are scared to death of people taking their money.”

“We can’t love music we haven’t heard.”

“Innovation helps the music industry.
The industry only needs to make the effort to keep up and adapt.
Make no mistake: exposing as many people as possible
to music – all music – is a good thing. 
Everyone wins. The artist, the audience,
even the old guys who just want some more cash.”

“The laws that are governing online music share sites 
were written at a time when our online and real-life landscapes 
were totally different.”

“Countless artists have launched their careers though mash ups, 
bootlegs, remixes and music sharing. 
These laws and page take-downs are cutting us down at the knees.”

“It’s laughable to assert that someone is losing money owed to them 
because I’m promoting music that I’ve written and recorded. 
Having the means to expose music to the masses
is a deft tool to breathe new life into and promote a song. 
It’s the most compelling advertising, really. “

“To put it in language that makes more sense
for the ones who can only speak dollar bill – 
Free the music, and your cash will follow. “