Led Zeppelin Getting Sued for Stairway to Heaven?!?

Apparently in 1968 a band called “Spirit” (now broken up) wrote a song called “Taurus,” and while they were opening up for Zep on tour, supposedly Jimmy Page heard the song and reworked a certain riff into the opening of their legendary song.  This wouldn’t be the first time Zeppelin’s been accused of stealing ideas from other artists.    Here’s a video showing 10 examples of potential plagiarisms:

Which brings us to “Stairway” – with a reissue on the way, “Spirit” members have gotten their lawyers together and they’re officially suing the band.  I don’t know the details behind their pleas, but I’m interested to see the results.  I’ve written about this before on the blog, it is very often that creators draw upon other for inspiration.  I think this is ok as long as an idea or inspiration is NOT stolen and then is formed into something unique and new.  I’ll let you be the judge – did Zeppelin borrow too heavily from these guys?  Fast forward to :45 to see the riff in contention.