Leland - Aware

Leland – Aware

Big ups to our boy getting a write up in thenewlofi.com!  Love this track and the melodies.  Really cool.

Deets are still scarce on Leland, for five months his single ‘Aware’ went completely unnoticed (eventually the keen ear of Chris Danks and our friends at HillyDilly brushed off the dust). Even at a paltry 24,000 listens it’s still flying far beneath the radar of the mainstream eye. But this New York based electro-pop act seems poised to blow up. It’s a rarity to stumble upon such a radio-ready and polished piece of power-pop, and his confidence is absolutely infectious. This is new-shoes music, so lace up your oxford wingtips and press that shirt, you must be this fresh to listen.