Little Dragon-Cat Rider (Poolside Remix)

LA duo Poolside have concocted a gauzy remix of Little Dragon‘s Nabuma Rubberband track “Cat Rider.” Poolside have made their name off tastefully-constructured, well-manicured house and disco sounds, and their take on “Cat Rider” is no different. Every melody and shuffling of percussion feels like it’s placed perfectly, and everything sounds like it was crafted with a purpose in mind. Their remix is as delicate and velvety as electronic music comes, and heavy on the twilight-hours Ibiza club vibes. You might not exactly be able to “turn up” anytime you hear this track, but it serves as a good swan song for summer. You can check out Poolside’s remix of “Cat Rider” below. 

Always got to rep our peeps from The best coast and Poolside did a fine job on the crafting of this lofty remix of Little Dragon. Well done sirs. What do you think? Leave a comment below.