Nova Lunch Special

“Lunch Special” With Nova Rockafeller

So, we were booked with Nova to make some tweaks on songs we were working on.  After finishing those changes requested by the label (and thinking we were finished for the day), we got high and went downstairs to eat Indian food, a ritual for us.  We often take advantage of their awesome lunch specials.  Well, we must’ve gotten REALLY high because in the midst of our orgasmic chicken tikka masala and cheese naan I hear: “This is SO GOOD.  I wanna go back upstairs and record a song about Lunch Specials.”  Sure Nova…. “No I’m serious.  And I want to do it with a British accent.”  She was serious.

When inspiration hits, you GOTTA roll with it.  We got more high and made this in 3 hours.  It was all fun, unexpected, and came out exactly how it was meant to.