M83 – Run Into Flowers (Maps Remix)

Mute is getting ready to reissue the first three M83 albums, which have also produced for us some interesting rarities and remixes. First there was that unreleased music video, and now label mate Maps has taken on one of the first truly iconic M83 songs, “Run Into The Flowers.” The original blended electronic music, chiptune, post rock, and shoegaze in a way that still sounds ahead of its time. The Maps version adds in some different dynamic shifts, and plays around with the general structure, but when the source material is already this good it’s hard to make something that isn’t supremely enjoyable. Peep it below. 

Great vibe to this remix. Shout to mute for reissuing all their music now that people are more familiar with M83’s music. What do you think? Leave a comment below.