Music Mondays: Pomplamoose

I’ve been a fan of these guys for a while now, and their most recent video releases in the past year have put them over the top in my book.  I mean, talk about creativity.  I haven’t seen too many music videos like this pushing boundaries that were produced by the band themselves.  We are indeed entering into an age where creators of any kind can use multiple mediums to express themselves, and Pomplomoose murders it.  For real though – if you’re an up and coming artist of any kind, and if you have time, energy, and a vision, there aren’t many excuses anymore for lack of content and execution.  Intermediaries no longer needed… But I digress…  Thankfully, these guys give us a little bit of insight into their process in the comments section of these videos.

As for their music, I thoroughly enjoy watching artists cover and mashup previously released material, and putting their own spin on it while keeping the integrity of the original material.  I know these guys can write for themselves, and I’m just as much a fan of their originals as there covers, but seeing them innovate is very, very entertaining.  Their sounds keep an organic vibe while using very tasteful programming and sampling.  My favorite part of their covers are their re-harmonizations.  I’m a sucker for new, juicy chords underneath a great melody.  Kudos!!

Check out a cpl videos here, here, and here.

Check out their website here.