NehruvianDOOM – Darkness (HBU)

It’s been a while since we heard from masked rap enigma DOOM. Last we heard, he was exiled in London, and he may still be. But DOOM has just announced a new project: NehruvianDOOM, a collaboration with the young New York rapper Bishop Nehru, most famous for collaborating with Disclosure on “You Stressin’.” Together, they’ll release a self-titled album later this year. And they’ve shared the video for “Darkness (HBU),” the first song we’ve heard from them. DOOM doesn’t rap on the trap or appear in the video, but he did produce the track, a beautifully dusky and heavy piece of work. Nehru, for his part, sounds fluid and thoughtful. Markel Scott and Elliot Simpson directed the video, which has Nehru wandering around a ruined urban landscape. Peep it below. 

THIS IS HIP-HOP. DOOM! What do you think? Leave a comment below.