Peaking Lights – Breakdown

Peaking Lights made a name for themselves with 2011′s wide-ranging 936 and expanded their sound even further on the following year’s Lucifer. In the time since that album’s release, they’ve mainly stuck to remixes, like their transcendent take on Young Galaxy’s “Pretty Boy” or this one for bedroom instrumentalist Arp. The Wisconsin duo has announced a new album, Cosmic Logic, and revealed a new single to go with it. “Breakdown” starts off with bubbly yelps and continues the duo’s refinement of their dub-pop aesthetic — vocals from Indra Dunis provide the fragile refrain: “Breakdown/ I wanna break free of breaking down.” Peep it below. 

very corky sound from Peaking Lights but I kind of like it! What do you think? leave a comment below.