RL Grime – “Kingpin” (Feat. Big Sean)

The last collaboration bass producer RL Grime shared from his upcoming Void was the How To Dress Well-featuring “Reminder.” Today he released a very different partnership in the form of “Kingpin.” The track features Big Sean, who seems to be making the rounds with electronic producers; he also guested on Calvin Harris’ “Open Wide” recently. “Kingpin” shows Sean rocking the unhinged, angry “I Don’t Fuck With You” timbre that’s won him some respect lately. (He also borrows Soulja Boy’s “We Made It” flow for a few bars.) Musically, the song shows Grime has a lot of room to play around with his Middle Eastern air-raid-siren trap aesthetic. Peep it below. 


this beat is filthy!! I approve of this collaboration.