TALA – Everybody’s Free

As many new, unique talents continue to emerge from the leftfield realm of electronically-tinged soul and R&B, newcomer TALA continues to show why she’s one to watch. She’s delivered several distinct, impressive offerings this year, and her latest, “Everybody’s Free,” is both equal in quality to past releases and another new piece of the developing puzzle that is her career. The song, a remix of Quindon Tarver’s “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good,” blurs all lines between R&B, synth-pop, and electronic music, further broadening her artistic vision and expanding the sonic palette she currently draws from. “Everybody’s Free” will be included on TALA’s upcoming Alchemy EP, which is scheduled for release in December. You can listen to “Everybody’s Free” below. 


Love the sound and hook on this record. There is something here in this record that sounds very honest to compliment the title of the track. I give it two thumbs up.