Vic Mensa-Major Payne

Major Payne was a 1995 Damon Wayans vehicle directed by The Last Starfighter auteur and Escape From New York screenwriter Nick Castle. Michael Ironside was in it. I don’t really remember anything about it, but it sure does get namechecked by rappers a lot. It’s now the namesake for an extremely horny new synth-rap track from the young Chicago rapper Vic Mensa. Mensa started out as a Chance The Rapper collaborator, and something of a soundalike, but on recent tracks like “Down On My Luck” and “Feel That,” he’s been playing around with dance-music textures, and it’s an intriguing progression, one that says good things about his future. Peep it below. 

Not sure how I feel about this Track but I really like Vic Mensa in general. What do you think? Leave a comment below.