Watch NOW: The Righteous Young “Everything Burns”

It takes a lot of strength and courage for an artist to put themselves into a song like this for the whole world to hear and feel, and in this case Wynter Gordon CONNECTS in every way.  This is one of those cases for me where everything about the song lines up to deliver a message: The melody, the harmony, the production, the engineering, the video treatment…   The video is shot in a really cool way, with parts looking like a vhs tape.  Check it out below.

She writes on her Facebook page:

“‘Everything Burns’  is a song I dedicate to my Father . I remember the first time the police came to the door looking for you . I remember the way my sister cringed at the mention of your name , I remember how broken my mom was raising 4 kids on her own , so we had to raise ourselves . It was you who set the non existent bar for me and it was you I was looking for in every man I dated to fill that void . You are the source . I had to realize that so I could stop taking the anger out on other people . I had to forgive you . That’s the only way to move on . The most amazing things happen when you start forgiving . R.I.P”

We were lucky enough to work with and get to know Wynter a year ago when she was embarking on her new artist venture.   Even at the early stages of her project she had a very strong sense of who she was and the vision she wanted to get across to listeners.  Fast forward a year to this release, where Wynter is fronting the band The Righteous Young – this first release is a big one on many levels.  I applaud her.