Yumi Zouma – Alena

Yumi Zouma are still a very new band, but that’s only a statement on the quantity of their work, not the quality. That quality is evident in abundance in tracks like their breakout song, “The Brae,” and their heartwrenching cover of Air France’s “It Feels Good To Be Around You” (which briefly reunited the legendary duo for a long-overdue breakup talk). Now they have released a new single titled “Alena” to go with the exciting news that the New Zealand trio will be opening for Lorde once she finishes her North American tour with Majical Cloudz. “Alena” finds the band’s hazy dance music amped up ever so slighty — the sort of thing you could justifiably see being played for a sold-out arena of Lorde fans — but don’t mistake it for a move toward the center. The trio makes those heavy dance moments feel earned as the song rises and falls, moves through moments of emotive stillness, and sinks into underwater synths with distant voices murmuring in the back. They completely own this aesthetic, even with that rushing piano hook, which sounds like a gently slowed-down, half-remembered dream of Derrick May’s iconic piano intro to the techno touchstone “Strings Of Life.” It’s another fantastic song in a steadily growing discography full of them. Peep it below. 

Really great stuff coming this group. Killer vibe on this record. WHat do you think? leave a comment below.