Yumi Zouma – “Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up (Mark McGuire Remix)”

New Zealand band Yumi Zouma have done a lot this year to impress us. Their early single “The Brae” only hinted at further delights to be found on their self-titled debut EP, and their cover of Air France’s “It Feels Good To Be Around You” is so spot-on and heartrending that I can barely keep myself together through a single listen. Now the former Emeralds frontman Mark McGuire (who put out an Album Of The Week with Along The Way earlier this year) has remixed their song “Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up,” adding even more glittery textures. Listen to it below.

I can always appreciate good New Wave especially when it’s an act based out of New Zealand! What do you think? Leave a comment below.