Zack “Furoche” Fortune Salute to a fellow Musician and Friend.

This morning I woke up to some very unfortunate news That Zack Fortune was involved in a hit and run accident in New York and was in critical condition and later passed away in the ER early this morning. I didn’t know Zack very well but I had him meet him through our mutual friend Ash Riser last year when Zack came out to Hang in L.A. for a few weeks. Within those few weeks I had the opportunity to be apart of Zack’s over whelming positive energy and optimism. It is  extremely sad to see his candle go out at such a young age as Zack was definitely one of the good ones. With this being said I would like to salute Zack for a being a dedicated and fierce friend to my boy Ash and Many others that he encountered in his life. Below is a mix Zack put out just last Month appropriately title “Extreme Serious Vibes: Smoked Out”. Zack we will never forget your energy, smile and all around good vibes. RIP.