Zeds Dead & Twin Shadow ft. d’Angelo Lacy -“Lost You”

Last month, Twin Shadow released a grand and amazing new song called “To The Top,” and it seemed like it could be the first single from a mysterious new album. But thus far, we’ve heard nothing else about that album. And now, Twin Shadow has popped up in our lives again, in a very different capacity. George Lewis, Jr. — who, for all intents and purposes, is Twin Shadow — sings lead on “Lost You,” an anthemic new track from the Canadian festival-dance producer Zeds Dead. D’Angelo Lacy also sings on the track, which you can imagine filling the floor in a very big, very expensive club. It’s a slick, catchy piece of work, but that’s not exactly the same thing as being a new Twin Shadow song. Listen below.

Great Vibe with this Track. Love the deep house vibe has been incorporated into Zeds sound. Good job gents!