Apple to Buy Beats?!?

If this goes down next week, then congrats Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre (although I think I heard that Dre is out of Beats?).  You were once just an engineer conning your way into producing a Tom Petty album, and now a potential billionaire!  What does this mean for Apple?  Maybe Tim Cook isn’t innovating and growing the company like shareholders want him to.  We’ve all been feeling the absence of Steve Jobs, and if the iPhone 6 doesn’t break new ground, or if they don’t unleash a truly wowing product this year, I’m gonna be worried for Mr. Cook as well as every Apple Fan out there.  Myself included.

For the music biz, this obviously would mean that the medium war is over.  Streaming wins!  I love how the AP article doesn’t even mention a physical CD as a viable medium.  Tell that to my publishers who require a minimum hard release requirement from me to advance to my next term!!!  For all us writers out there, I really hope that we all get our streaming royalties in order, cause this looks like we’re in it for the long haul.  And again, congrats Jimmy for going the distance.  If this goes through ;)