Birth of the $60 Billion Video game Industry

Shout out to Evan Bogart for sending this excerpt to me.  First off, I have to grab this book.  There are so many elements that are enticing: the creativity, the marketing, the competition between Sega and Nintendo, the industry’s relevance to me and my peers as young adults, but most importantly: THE VISION.

I think vision is the most important element to any endeavor in life, and it is often elusive, and often lost on someone trying to create something whether a business, a tech idea, a painting, a song, WHATEVER.  A key highlight from the excerpt was when Tom Kalinske, who was hired as President and CEO of Sega of America, realized his tactic to break Sega into the video game market in America: this was that if Nintendo represented control, then Sega must represent freedom.  Nintendo then dominated 90% of the video game industry, and through it’s stubborn, controlling ways (for example not filling all of a retailer’s order, or keeping half or more of its game library inactive) had not only revived a failing business, but held the reigns of its future.  If Sega were to become a contender, it couldn’t try to conform with Nintendo’s philosophies, but to strike away from it by influencing the consumer’s motivations.

The excerpt describes the evolution of Sega’s mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, so for a now mature (part time) gamer who then fell in love with with that title, it’s a privilege to look into the process of its fruition.

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