Apple Kills

Every Company Apple Tried to Destroy in Yesterday’s WWDC

Gizmodo posted an article yesterday about how with Apple’s new software unveiling they are trying to “kill” certain Apps and services.  Some examples are:

Dropbox with iCloud Drive – an online storage and sharing service built into iCloud where you can browse files and folders from within your own windows on your desktop.

Skitch with Markup – you can alter documents and add effects from apple’s revamped mail app.

Big File Transfer Services with Mail Drop – You can upload large files and send them as an email attachment from mail.  Wow, why didn’t I think of that?

WhatsApp and GroupMe (and snap chat?) with New iMessage – now we’ll be able to send audio voice messages and videos without storing them on our phone.

Sound Hound and Shazam with improved Siri – Now Siri can tell me automatically what I’m listening to.  I just hope she’s better at hearing music than my commands.

Nest with Homekit – Control parameters of your home including thermostat and lighting with homekit.

I wanted mention Healthbook, which doesn’t actually threaten a previous app or service, but incorporates many of them into one hub.  Maybe this will be the test to see if it’s better to “destroy” a company or incorporate it into its own services?

I also want to say that as Apple has a history of not being the creator, but innovator of all of most of its big successes (“hence Jobs’ favorite quote, a good artist copies, a great artist steals”).  I want to say that Apple is just trying to keep up with all the new exciting stuff out there, but they are indeed following their same pattern of excellency by streamlining existing tech and bringing it into their own ecosystem.  This makes me even more excited, and more driven to make money to purchase the new hardware that will be announced later this year.