The Happiness Advantage

A couple years ago, I watched a TED talk that dealt with the idea of happiness.  Simply put, if you’re happy, you posses the “happiness advantage.”  In a business environment, happy people could mean that there are greater sales, less turnover, less burnout, people are more resilient, they posses superior productivity, they’re better at creating jobs, and better at keeping secure jobs.  A creative environment is more complicated, especially considering that strife has produced some of the greatest works of art, but that is another topic altogether.

Here are some exercises to put yourself in a better state, and to give yourself that happiness advantage:

Write down 3 new things that you’re grateful for.  Everyday.

Journal one positive experience you’ve had over the past 24 hours.

Exercise.  Exercise proves to you that your decisions and actions actually matter.  Both short term and long term.

Meditation.  Spirituality aside, meditation gives your brain the ability to take a break from the multitasking of daily, conscious life.  It gives you a chance to focus on just one thing, whether that be your breath, your mantra, counting sheep, thoughts, whatever.  If you practice enough, it gives your brain the ability to take a journey into pure consciousness.

Practice Random acts of kindness.  If you’re spreading positivity in any way possible throughout life, feelings of joy and happiness emanate from you, and towards you from others.

During personal trials and tribulations, I find it way to easy to journey down the insatiable path of unhappiness.  Negative thoughts can multiply into a downward spiral of misery, and these exercises really helped me climb out of detrimental thought patterns and habits.