Workout of the Day

This is my workout today. Wish me luck :)


Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod is a coach, trainer, and an inspiration to many including myself. He runs the website www.sealgrinderpt.com – a place where you can pick up great workouts, useful information, and valuable tools for bettering your body and mind. I enjoy these workouts because it combines many different exercise concepts drawing from crossfit, yoga, and of course Navy SEAL training. I love it because 1: it kicks my ASS 2: it focuses on a well rounded curriculum of endurance, strength, cardio, FLEXIBILITY, and mental training. Also if you’re looking to join and special forces (which I am not) this is a great place for training and prep tools.

PS – these are pretty tough and challenging, and I’m still working up to complete just the prescriptions, so my laymen advice would be to go at your own pace, push yourself, but don’t sacrifice form for speed or reps. Get that burn in!!