East to West: The Weed Fairy Hits Seattle!

A “weed fairy” keeps posting signs advertising free marijuana around Seattle.

Fliers containing the Twitter name Danksy Appleweed are being posted around the capital city with a nugget of weed taped to them. Yeni Sleidi is the real name of the woman who is posting the signs in an attempt to make people happy.

“I think people are a little worried, because this is something new, and suspicious,” she explained to KCPQ. “But it’s real weed and it’s not dangerous. It will get you high.”

Sleidi shared that she wants to give people a gift of weed while she’s in town for a quick stay. She said a few months ago she did a similar thing in New York and received a lot of positive feedback, which is motivating her to keep going.

“It definitely makes me laugh to be the national Weed Fairy,” Sleidi said to KCPQ. “I decided to give it out to people during the government shutdown; people’s reaction was instantly positive.” Peep the Video Here!