Get Out of Your Head!

What are peoples’ first impressions of you?  Do they notice your flaws?  In social situations a persons’ sixth sense will usually notice your self consciousness, inflated ego, fear, desire, and many of your other emotions.  But what happens when you subtract the human interaction?  What does someone REALLY think of your appearance and overall vibe?  In this really sugary sweet video we see that a stranger will generally see the positives and ignore the negatives.  So from now on, maybe be a bit nicer to yourself?  Let your insecurities go?  Guys are definitely guilty of this, but I direct this towards the WOMEN IN MY LIFE!!!  YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!!!  JUST STOP DEPRECATING YOURSELVES!!!!  I say this jokingly.  Kind of.


Sidenote: Maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder?  Maybe if the person on the other side of the mirror is a miserable asshole, they’ll only see the negatives of the other person?