Workout of the Day: Krav Maga Worldwide Strength and Conditioning

Today was my first day back at some serious strength and conditioning and bag class at Krav Maga Worldwide in the SFV and I got my ass handed to me.  It was one of those “my body is recovering and you ain’t ready for this shit” workouts.  Nonetheless, I made it through and I’m glad I did.  Here’s the workout from SAC class with Kristine Ho, aka KHo, with a brief description written by her:

Replife WOD 2

Here is #REPLIFEWOD 2! Today is Cardio Conditioning Day! It’s a good one!‪#‎fightgonebad‬ style with continuous running clock and 7 stations! 2 min between rounds! Total of 3 rounds! Score = max reps per round! Comment below with your score! Happy Hump Day!”

This was a serious cardio burner.  I love KHo’s classes because she leads by example, both inside and outside the workouts.  She lives this shit and she’s always a beacon of positivity and inspiration to all that get to train with her.  She’s also got killer combos in bag class so don’t mess with her!!  She’s one of the many instructors and many reasons why I love going to Krav Maga Worldwide on the regular.

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